What We Do


Food2ShareTM, Inc. is a uniquely successful program that has enabled participating communities to substantially improve both the volume and quality of food in local food pantries.


The Food2ShareTM program:

  • Increases the overall volume of food
  • Provides the specific food that a pantry needs each week and

By creating a partnership between cities, their local food pantry(s), and a local service organization, Food2ShareTM has developed a program that has helped communities that are committed to solving the food shortage facing their residents.

Best yet, the program is free to both the participating cities and the local food pantry.

Food2ShareTM provides a complete program from websites to “How to” instruction and all artwork for the needed collateral. Everything starts with a simple inquiry from either a city or a food pantry.

Get Involved

  • If you are a church/service organization and you want to make a substantial impact on the families who are "food insecure" in your community, contact Food2ShareTM.
  • If you are a city mayor or other official and want to help residents who are struggling to feed their families, contact Food2ShareTM.

Our Partners

Go to the following sites to see how our partners are working to solve their food shortage problems.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Bruce Harris, Executive Director, Food2Share at 330-283-3311.

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